Jacek Ludwig Scarso

Artist, Curator, Academic (PhD)

Reader in Art & Performance at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University – Deputy Director of CREATURE (Research Centre in Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement). Senior Curator at Fondazione Marta Czok (Rome/Venice). 



Feature Projects 

De Innocentia [Curator], Complesso di Vicolo Valdina alla Camera dei Deputati (Italian Houses of Representatives). Exhibition of Marta Czok’s paintings in collaboration with the Italian Commission for Culture, Sciences, Education, supported by the Polish Embassy in Rome.

HENI TALKS [Presenter] documentary produced by HENI exploring The Line, London’s first dedicated Public Art Walk

Choreographics of Square, video-art project developed with Fondazione Marta Czok, in collaboration with RMIT (Melbourne) and Museo Spazio Pubblico, Bologna.

Other Projects

Moderator for Raffaello in Prison – Reflections on Historic Artworks and Social Engagement, with CREATURE, London Metropolitan University

Publication: ‘Placemaking, Performance and Infrastructure of Belonging’: Chapter co-authored with Anna Marazuela Kim, for Trauma-informed Placemaking (edited by Cara Courage and Anita McKeown), Routledge.


Feature Projects 

The Rise and Fall of the deal City [Curator], Fondazione Marta Czok, Venice. Multidisciplinary exhibition of Marta Czok’s paintings, in dialogue with video-art selections from Urban Vision Film Festival / A-Place (curated by Luisa Bravo) and  TAKFLIX (curated by Anna Marazuela Kim)

Art-Research Fellowship at RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia)

Fabrica [Curator], Fondazione Marta Czok, Venice. A selection of paintings from Marta Czok’s Permanent Collection on the themes of gender and motherhood, coinciding with the exhibition Premamai by Elena Ketra and Eolo Perfido, curated by Uros Gorgone

Performing Museography, art-based research publication in collaboration with MUVE (Fondazione dei Musei Civici di Venezia), published on CURATOR: The Museum Journal

Dopamina, Keynote Contribution with Studio Opera for Venice Design Week 2023

Raffaello visita le Carceri di Salerno, contribution to project and catalogue, curated by Michele Citro

Other Projects

Moderator for The Line Symposium: Reflections on Art and Water, with CREATURE, London Metropolitan University

Contributor to Public Space Challenges, International Symposium with Public Space Academy at Museo Spazio Pubblico, Bologna


Feature Projects 

Shrine of the Goat, Anise Gallery as part of London Festival of Architecture 2022. Live/VR Performance

Critical Theatricality in the Museum Space Ca’ Pesaro Galleria di Arte Moderna Venice  artistic research project based on publication for The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum

Luccicanza, Keynote Contribution at Venice Design Week 2022

Group Shows

10 prints by 10 Artists, Anise Gallery online, curated by J. Jubert

Other Projects

Moderator for The Line Symposium: Public Art, Nature and Mental Wellbeing, with CREATURE, London Metropolitan University


Feature Projects 

Future Now – Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition York Art Gallery  with THE PECKING ORDER

On Change / Change On [Curator], Museo Spazio Pubblico, Bologna

Group Shows 

Anise Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition, curated by J. Jubert, Anise Gallery (London)

10 prints by 10 Artists, with Anise Gallery for Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (London)

Other Projects/Commissions

The Public Art Experiment for Spark Festival in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the British Council


Feature Projects 

Future Now – Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition York Art Gallery  with IN LIMBO (until June 2020)

Other Projects/Commissions

The Public Art Experiment for Spark Festival in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the British Council

Curator of  New Monuments for Aldgatel, Aldgate Festival

Invited Speaker on Public Art for “The City: Memories and Affect”, as part of Constellations, organised by Intercultural Roots (IR)


Feature Projects 

Lead Artist for The Pecking Order, Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in collaboration with The Cass, Anise Gallery and AVR London

Baroque Intrusions, Museo del Barocco presso Palazzo Chigi (Rome) in collaboration with Marta Czok

Comparse Barocche / Baroque Extras, Studio CS (Castel Gandolfo, Rome)

Group Shows 

Anima Mundi – Visions, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi and THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, Venice. Curated by L. Curci during the 58th Venice Biennale

Urban Landscapes, exhibition at CICA MuseumGyeonggi-do, South Korea

We all come from Somewhere, Tate Liverpool, curated by M. Moreno

Streetplayer, video art exhibition for Artwalk Wakefield 2019 

Other Projects/Commissions

Nature in the City and Voicescapes for Spark Festival in Hong Kong, in collaboration with the British Council

Curator of Land of Fibs, The Cass Theatre Arts Festival, Canada Water Theatre and Library

Guest Speaker for Curating the Future, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong 

Guest Speaker at TaPRA 2019, University of Exeter 


Feature Projects

In Limbo, Live/VR installation at Tate Modern, London  in partnership with Tate Exchange. A collaboration with Felix Dodd and A-VR, Anise Gallery and The Cass,

Kamo-gawa_Kamo-gawa, project at Weissraum Gallery, Kyoto, Japan. Curated by Takaya Fujii

Precarious Balance/ Equilibrio Precario, Arte Spazio Tempo, Studio CS Rome, curated by B. Vincenzi (sculpture/installation)

Metropolis, with Marta Czok at Magione Arts District in conjunction with Manifesta Palermo , curated by C. Biasini

Group Shows 

Art & Location, exhibition at CICA MuseumGyeonggi-do, South Korea

London Art Fair: exhibition with Anise Gallery on the occasion of the 30th edition of the Fair, curated by J. Jubert

Venice Vending Machine, Tate Liverpool, curated by M. Moreno.

Streetplayer 2018: selected for video exhibition curated by Chris Woodward with Axisweb

TAPRA 2018: exhibition at TAPRA Gallery (Aberystwyth), curated by F. Jones

Sport/Spectacle: exhibition/conference at Kings College London, curated by B. Chow

Other Projects/Commissions

Stage Director of Juliet of the Spirits, live adaptation of Federico Fellini’s work. Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London.

Interdisciplinary Voice, paper/workshop at Anglia Ruskin University


Feature Projects

Precarious Balance/ Equilibrio Precario, Arte Spazio Tempo, Venice, during 57th Venice Biennale, curated by B. Vincenzi (sculpture/installation)

Group Shows 

Controlled Realities, Anise Gallery, London alongside Rachel Hara and Charles Harrop-Griffiths, curated by J. Jubert (sculpture/installation)

Venice Vending Machine at Palazzo Mora and Giardini della Marinaressa in Venice, during 57th Venice Biennale, curated by M. Moreno

Love and Violence, Galleria Civica Cavour, Padua, curated by B. Cadogno and S. Prelz (installation/video)

Other Projects/Commissions

Curator for DEN Festival at Shoreditch Town Hall, Theatre & Performance graduation show, The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design

Collecting and Curating Sound, Tate Exchange at Tate Modern, TaPRA conference, presenting The Vocal Exhibit, curated by G. Guy and J. Linsley

Vocal Embodiment, ACLA Conference Utrecht University, presenting The Vocal Exhibit

Theatricality and the Arts Symposium at University of Lancaster, presenting Reframing the (post)dramatic in Contemporary Art



Feature Projects 

This may self-destruct, Studio CS, Castel Gandolfo, Rome (installation and photo)

Science Museum Lates exhibiting L’Entraineur and Santino (videos) and Swinging Swimmers (live installation), London

Group Shows

Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, London, curated by C. Cremona (video/live installation)

Transmission Art, Athens – Karlsruhe curated by James Simburas and Ursula Schachenhofer (video)

Venice Vending Machine at Kunst Altonale Hamburg curated by Marina Moreno (installation)

Other Projects/Commissions

BAW at Pave D’Orsay, research residency, Paris

Spazio Ingranaggi D’Arte, research residency, Rome



Feature Projects 

Little Man Saga, Romberg Arte Contemporanea Rome (video, photo, installation) curated by I. Bergantini and G. Conti

Toxic Monks for InTRANSIT London (performance) curated by O’Neill/Ross

Imagined Cities for Colourscape Music Festival London (performance) with composer A. Campkin

Group shows

MIA Milan (photo) with Romberg Arte Contemporanea, curated by I. Bergantini

Nord Art Budelsdorf (video) Kunstwerk Carlshütte, curated by W. Gramm

Vkunst Frankfurt (video) curated by C. von Löw and A. Greulich

Venice Vending Machine, Serra dei Giardini during 56th Venice Biennale, curated by M. Moreno


Strata music video direction for jazz composer Ivo Neame featured on The Guardian


Feature Projects

MIA Milan Image Art with Romberg Arte Contemporanea (photo, video) curated by I. Bergantini

Group shows

FotoFever, Carrousel du Louvre Paris with Romberg Arte Contemporanea (photo)

Docks Art Fair Lyon with Romberg Arte Contemporanea (photo)


Toxic Monks for At Boiling Point London (performance) curated by Heritage Arts



Feature Projects

Icons & Idols MACRO Museo Arte Contemporanea di Roma (La Pelanda) Rome, (video, installation, performance) curated by B. Codogno

Group shows

Cutlog with Romberg Arte Contemporanea Paris (video)

Bosh Fest Republic of Macedonia  (video)

The Ortus, Spitalfields Music Festival

GV Art Gallery London (video) curated by R. Devcic

White Cloth Gallery Leeds (video)


Julius (part 2) funded by Wellcome Trust  and Jerwood Charitable Foundation (video and performance)



Feature Projects

Theatre of the Mind GV Art Gallery London (video, performance) curated by R. Devcic

Other Projects/Commissions

Julius (part 1) funded by Wellcome Trust  and Jerwood Charitable Foundation (video and performance – with Elastic Theatre)



Feature Projects

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival London (performance) curated by B. Hemmings


Baroque Box, site-specific at Old Royal Naval College, funded by Wellcome Trust (performance with Elastic Theatre)


Group shows

Tete a Tete Opera Festival at Riverside Studios (performance) curated by B. Bankes-Jones

Islington Exhibits London (installation) curated by L. Richardson

Other Projects/Commissions

Baroccata, supported by The Facility (performance with Elastic Theatre)


Group shows

Tete a Tete Opera Festival at Riverside Studios (performance) curated by B. Bankes-Jones

Create at Arcola Theatre London (installation, performance)


Medousa and The Passion of